People and Places


  • Name: Ryan Maccombs
  • Email:
  • Office: C131 WH
  • Morning Class Info: M W F at 9:10 – 10:00AM in B119 WH
  • Afternoon Class Info: M W F at 12:40 – 1:30PM in 1200 MPS
  • Office Hours: M/Tu/W during 2-3PM and by Appointment

Recitation Leaders

ScnDaysClass TimeClass LocationNameEmail
1R9:10--10:00C101 WONDongsoo
2R9:10--10:00B100 WHFirat
3R9:10--10:00A130 WHMetin
4R9:10--10:00A108 WHSam
5R9:10--10:00A208 WHJun
13R12:40--13:30103 BHFirat
14R12:40--13:30A124 WHDongsoo
15R12:40--13:30A322 WHMetin
16R12:40--13:30A120 WHSam
17R12:40--13:30A224 WHJun