Welcome and Importance of Homework

I wanted to stress to all of you the importance of doing the HW. To the right, I have used MTH 234 SS18 data and mapped Final Exam averages based on HW averages.
As you can see the majority of students (n values) scored 90-100% on their HW averages however you can see that the students who scored less than 90% on their HW did significantly worse (on average) on the Final.
Even the students who did 90%+ of the HW did not do outstanding on the final exam (overall). This can be for a variety of reasons but one key thing I find is that there are some students who do the HW just to get the points. This is okay in the short term I suppose but you can see it really doesn't do you any favors in the long term. The takeaway lesson here is that not only do you need to do the homework, but you also need to understand how to do it! If you receive help from a tutor/friend/whoever you need to go back 24 hours later and make sure YOU understand it and could do it on your own if it came up on a quiz/exam.