Final Exam and Beyond

Here are some things to have on your calendar or at least be aware of as we wrap of this class.

  • Friday 4/27
  • Sunday 4/29
  • Monday 4/30
    • Normal MLC hours
    • Panic Session
      • 5:30-8:30pm in B115 Wells Hall
      • Hosted by Ryan Maccombs
      • bring questions
  • Tuesday 5/1
  • Wednesday 5/2
    • Makeup Final Exam (need to be registered with the department)
    • Little more grading and enter grades into gradebook
    • Calculate grades
    • By 8pm send email to students with results
  • Thursday 5/3
    • Final exam viewing
      • 1-4pm in C109 Wells Hall
      • if grade emailed to you is significantly worse than you expected you should come to this to make sure it was all graded correctly.
      • can’t take exam with you, can only view.
  • Friday 5/4
    • submit grades to department/university and let the summer begin